Use and Disclaimer of Other Peoples Materials.

Use at your own risk!

The free graphics on this web site are link ware and free for you to place on your personal non-commercial web sites if you follow the simple guidelines listed below.

Images are the sole property of their creators and owners.
Wherever supplied, follow their requests and guidelines.

  1. Save the graphics you want to your own computer.

  2. Place a link on the same page you use the graphics back to the owner/creator of the image.

  3. Do not alter the graphics except to add text to blank buttons.



Images are as found throughout the web, and to our knowledge, free for personal non-commercial websites.

Wherever possible, the image owner's website information has been supplied.

Before using, please visit their websites for instruction on the handling and use of their materials.

If you will not comply with these requests, please do not download images from this website. Any images you have already copied, please delete them.

ALL other material requires the Author/Website's Name, Link and any other information included with the material. Do Not modify, add to or delete from any articles, poems or information where an Author or Website has been supplied. When in doubt, visit their websites for further usage information.

You take full responsibility for images once they are in your possession. By downloading or copying the images (or any other material) within this website, you have shown that you agree with the above 'Use and Disclaimer of Other People's Materials.'


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