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How to Download, Install,
and Save Fonts

Author: by Rachel Thacker

How to Open a Font Folder on your Desktop or in My Documents:


Place your mouse on your desktop, and right click, in the drop down box click on "NEW". Then highlight and click on "Folder". A new folder will appear and you then click in the white box and name that folder whatever you want. Mine is really original and entitled "fonts". You are done!

My Documents:

Click "Start". It is located at the bottom left of your Desktop screen. Click on "My Documents." The Document screen will open. Look towards the right side of that screen and find the "File and Folder Tasks." Click on "Make a New Folder." A new folder will appear. This new folder is usually placed at the bottom of "My Documents" folder. You will probably need to scroll down to find this new folder. Then right click on "New Folder" and select "Rename". Type in a name you will remember; it can be as simple as "My Fonts" and then hit enter.

To Download and Unzip Zipped Fonts:

Click on the picture of the font or the name of the font you want to download. The download will then automatically begin. A Prompt box will then pop up that will ask "Do you want to Open or Save this Folder?" Click "Open". The zip file will then open. Click on "Extract all Files" under the Folder Tasks menu. The Extraction Wizard will open. Click "Next." Click "Browse" to select a destination folder for your font. This will be either on your "Desktop" or in "My Documents" depending on where you opened your folder. For "Desktop" click on desktop and then click on your font folder. For "My Documents" click on "My Documents" then your font folder. Click "OK". Then click "Next". Click "Finish". Tip: You can choose to "Show Extracted Files" but it is not necessary. I will sometimes double check and make sure the font is actually there.

Installing a PC font:

1) Your version of Windows may install the font automatically. From Windows Explorer, open the ZIP file and drag the .ttf files from the ZIP file into the c:\windows\fonts or c:\winnt\fonts folder (whichever applies to your system). Windows will automatically install the fonts dragged into the Fonts folder.

Alternate way if the above doesn't work:

1) Go to the Windows 95/98/2000/XP/ME Desktop. Double click on the "My Computer" icon. Double click on the "Control Panel" icon. Double click the "Fonts" icon. You should now be able to view all the fonts installed on your PC.

2) Click on "File" and when the pop down appears select "Install New Fonts" or "Add fonts". The fonts are placed by default in the unzipped folder. If they're not, you should search until you find the folder into which you placed the unzipped fonts. Double click on the font you wish to install. Click on the OK button to install the font. You can also make multiple selections and click on any given checkbox you may want to set differently than the default.

If you try to install fonts already installed, you will be presented with a warning window telling you that you cannot install the font unless you first un-install it. Simply press the <OK> button there.

Windows 95 and 98 have a limit how many fonts can be installed. Anything over 1000 fonts is likely to cause problems, so make sure not to install more than a 1000 fonts. Having more than about 300 fonts installed will eat up a lot of system resources and slow down the computer considerably, so don't overdo the number of fonts you're going to install. I will give directions for saving your fonts on your desktop so that you don't have to install every font you download.

If you don't get the "Install new font" option, do the following: go to MS-DOS mode, go to the C:\windows or c:\winnt directory and type attrib +s fonts. Press enter and once you arrive at the C:\ prompt again press CTRL-ALT-DEL to reboot the computer. This should enable the "Install New Fonts" option.

There may be some difference between the 95/98 and NT/2000 versions of Microsoft Windows. But the general idea should be about the same as explained above. Just try to find the above mentioned tasks and you'll get it working in no time. You can do this!!

To Store Fonts without Installing them:

This is the way that I use my fonts. When I download a font, I save it into a file on my desktop that is entitled "Fonts." Here is how to do this! Double click on the font you want to download, then click on "Save." In the Drop Down box, find your "Desktop" option; then double click on your "Fonts" folder. Then click on "Save". Let your computer do the work from there.

Using a Font without Installing it:

Open your Font folder that is located on your Desktop. Find the font that you want to use in your word program. Open that fonts .ttf file. Minimize that window to your tool bar. Open your Word Processing program; I use Word so that is what I will refer to when talking about my program. Go to your Font drop down bar and look for the name of the font that you have opened and minimized. It will be in your list of fonts. Click on that Font and you are able to use it. You can use as long as you have both windows opened. This saves your memory and run time. TIP: You need to open up your fonts .ttf program before you even open up your Word Processing program.

If you get this error running Windows ME:

Windows ME Font Error

Click on your START button at the lower left hand corner of the screen. Select "Run". In the Run dialog box, type the following EXACTLY as it is shown on this page (with the spaces and all). To be sure, just copy and paste it from here.

Attrib +S C:\Windows\Fonts

A window will pop up for a second, then you'll be ready to add new fonts by following the regular directions.

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